Ms Rosanna Yung, Senior Travel Consultant

 Managing Director, Mr Ash Malhotra has travelled to Bendigo on many occasions and has experienced its multiculturalism first hand. The diversity is fantastic and it is such a delight to be a part of this event.

A Plus Travel supports Bendigo in embracing multicultural diversity and are once again delighted to be a supporter of The Bendigo Festival of Cultures. This year A Plus Travel is supporting the festival through sponsorship of $100 travel vouchers.

We have been operating for many years and our workplace is very multicultural with staff who speak different languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Punjabi and English. This helps us to assist our clients, who come from different countries and backgrounds including China, Malaysia, Singapore and India, travel to destinations all over the world. It is truly an international blend of cultures to plan travel for. That’s why supporting this Bendigo festival is such a pleasure for us.

We wish this festival a great success and thank the organisers and the people of Bendigo for inviting us to be a part of this special event.

Photo and Text supplied by A Plus Travel