What role with the Marketplace be playing in this year’s festival?

This year Bendigo Marketplace will be a host for several festival events such as children’s activities including storytime, paper lantern making and paper doll crafts. During the festival we will also host two Congolese drumming sessions and two cultural cooking demonstrations.

Why are you sponsoring this year’s Festival of Cultures?

Last year Bendigo Marketplace provided Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services with a community space to promote the multicultural festival. This year the centre is supporting the 2017 Bendigo Festival of Cultures through sponsorship, hosting festival activities and assisting with promotion.

This year we wanted to support the growth of the event by becoming more involved with festivities. Bendigo Marketplace supports local community programs and will continue to contribute goodwill to the growing community. We support Bendigo in embracing multicultural diversity and are delighted to promote this in the centre.

Why do you think it’s important to support multiculturalism and diversity in Bendigo?

Bendigo is a great city with an array of people from various cultural backgrounds. As one of the fastest growing populations which incorporates a variety of multicultural communities, this event offers an opportunity to showcase traditions and values. Overall this event is a fantastic way to cultivate a greater sense of community.